Classic charm Blancpain Blancpain Villeret series watch 12th June 2016

As the 2010 Villeret series of new flagship watches, BLANCPAIN Blancpain watch full calendar moon phases concern, special built-in automatic movement



Since the beginning of the 1980s, Blancpain traditional essence of the perfect transmission of Villeret series brand. Classic charm, never stopped. In 2010, Blancpain solemnly declare reshape Villeret series of style and image, nine new watches will debut one by one.

As the 2010 Villeret series of new flagship watches, BLANCPAIN Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch concern. Special built-in automatic movement (balance wheel frequency: 28,800 times / hour) with special shielded scale and two springs, to ensure 72-hour power reserve.

Villeret series production of complex and sophisticated, like a perpetual calendar watch, adjust the way the novel, without worrying about movement and wear. In order to facilitate adjustment, BLANCPAIN Blancpain is also equipped with a new patented adjustment device – located below the lugs. Thus, on both sides of the watch is more simple and refreshing. At the same time, the wearer without professional tools, just lightly touched with fingertips to complete the calibration process.

Date display, the watch has inherited the ancient watchmaking tradition during the 18th century, the use of blue steel snake pointer on the dial. According to tradition, in addition to displaying the time with the pointer, the other pointer on the dial are blue steel snake representative to identify the different indicator. This watch is available in two materials to choose from: rose gold and platinum styles accompanied by baked enamel dial.

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Within Omega Constellation King outside San Pa statue 24th May 2016

end of last year, the Omega in Shanghai to the field events, see invitations written on The Constellation Globemaster constellation statue Pa new release, like a long time, I think this is wisdom. Later to the site, see the kind, there is the impression that this table prototype table located in the Omega Museum Bill’s ever seen, if not mistaken, it should be the product of the sixties, with the then popular pillow-shaped case, then traced back to the original fifties has been launched, but because the relationship between patents, while landing the United States to watch renamed Globemaster, but did not use this treasure No. Constellation, now back to stage a comeback, just put the two names together and for the First, let Globemaster become Constellation series all the way under Jones.

How cunning military forces? Said that the new table is not only new release also mentioned that the new testing standards METAS, is the Swiss Federal Institute of Certified metering means, including 8 within 10 days after the test, watch by simulating everyday wear the watch case, go to View this watch is how much ability, including the detection accuracy of the general condition, and has been obtained after COSC certification test after 15,000 Gauss magnetic field, there is daily tested by magnetic post, as well as power reserve, etc. test, eight of them, with regard to that situation, there are three magnetic after both focus toward focusing on countermeasures.

That being the case, that is to say by METAS, then served by COSC certification, this is for Omega, very much at home, we should remember that the Seamaster the Aqua Terra early 8508 will be embedded in the magnetic movement , but also impromptu electromagnetic wave higher than 15,000 gauss to remember the close contact, later, watch the further six-way test, all is well when normal walking; on magnetic, then the last point, that is released during the last Basel watch show advanced with 007 limited edition models, even the name of the movement and magnetic Gauss values ​​have become 07 the end of 8507 to join the movement is Bond family coat of arms of the pendulum Tuo, Gauss magnetic values ​​also become 15007. This time, it has been quite strong in this on the basis of change, creating tables, is approachable yet comfortable to wear daily watch, equipped with the Omega 8900/8901 movement, it inherited the 8508 magnetic mechanical structure, able to withstand 15,000 gauss magnetic field to attain chronometer coaxial movement.

Watch a pandemic has not changed in recent years back to the pillow-shaped case, and I shall beg my way, but with a most unusual shape to highlight its own characteristics, captured the hearts of all beings, let me see the surface of the 12-sided, it is from the 1950s constellation design modeling, modeling the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and you go in to see the details, drawing polished lugs position also just returned to antiquity, polished this way, the past is a common household watches so even if you hit the flower wear, and not so obvious at first glance purposes. The watch design for Jane, except for convenient reading of the wearer-friendly, but also so that the table can be limited through the ages have caught the United States, even if another six years, loved by everyone, too.

In addition to have the table back Tuo enamel decorated Platinum, and Sedna, gold, stainless steel and other materials choice, followed by representatives of eight stars METAS eight test results. He said retro, it even size is retro, back to 39 mm, the size and shape of this fact, there are more details to stand applauded as people think, and the case for one of the lugs, high integrity, coupled with the use making warheads made of tungsten carbide teeth circle, both well protected table mirror, but also the atmosphere of the entire gold watch fifties and sixties will become more apparent.

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Zoran timepiece Tasting Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT watch 3rd March 2016

      Omega , a now flourishing Swiss watch brand , whether it is from wrist table positioning, brand awareness, sales and technical watch products are among the best in the entire watch area It is one of the highest brand awareness that it is enough to explain the success of Omega. Watch House today will bring is a Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Good Planet GMT watch tasting, watch the official model:
       Omega and to pay tribute to “a better planet” (GoodPlanet) far-reaching cooperation between the Foundation, will devote himself to the brand’s commitment to environmental protection combined with innovative watchmaking, specially created Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT watch. Omega has donated part of the proceeds from the sale of this watch, the Southeast Asian region as a protected mangroves and algae provide full funding of public projects.

       The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series GoodPlanet GMT watch with 43.5 mm diameter design, case for the use of stainless steel case to create a polished blue bi-directional rotating bezel with bright orange GMT scale.
       Solid steel case with brushed, beautiful fashion, to ensure that is not affected by scratches when wearing the watch. Watch crown the same stainless steel material used for the building, and on the crown engraved classic Omega “Ω” LOGO.
       To watch with a blue rubber strap , sewn by white silk, soft and comfortable to wear.

       Angular watch case, watch ten o’clock position with helium escape valve, which is designed to help helium from the watch inside the vacuum exhaust system for professional divers wear design in cabin pressure. From a design can be seen is a professional watch waterproof watch.

        Watch with arc-shaped double-sided anti-reflective abrasion resistant sapphire crystal design, bright orange aluminum GMT pointer on the dial so that the wearer can record time dual time zone. Watch 3 o’clock position with date display, simple and practical.
       Watch with a sapphire crystal case back, transparent case back through this, we can clearly see inside the watch movement operation, the watch is equipped with an internal 8605 Omega coaxial own self-winding movement, with more excellent accuracy and long-lasting stability. GMT dual time zone display. No card is equipped with a silicon balance wheel gossamer gossamer and connections arranged double barrel, bi-directional automatic winding system can shorten the winding time. Rhodium-plated automatic thallium and balance cock, movement surface by luxury treatment, decorated with unique Arabian style corrugated Geneva.

Summary: Omega Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT watch, particularly as to the GoodPlanet Foundation and its efforts to protect the global environment and marine ecosystems made ​​tribute. Pledged to donate part of the proceeds from the sale Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GoodPlanet GMT watch, a Southeast Asia to protect mangroves and algae provide full funding of public projects, this project more collaborative locals to protect these vital ecosystems for the maintenance of the balance natural resources. Which is currently watch the domestic official price of 59,400 yuan.
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